Fetus Envy: The War on Women is real…


Fetus Envy


Think this sounds ridiculous? Think this is over the top? Think this would never happen? THINK AGAIN! “In South Carolina alone, an estimated 300 women have been arrested for actions taken during pregnancy. Rennie Gibbs of Mississippi age 15 faces life in jail after a miscarriage, Bei Bei Shuai of Indiana has been charged with feticide and sits in jail without parole, and Amanda Kimborough of Alabama, mother of 3, faces 10 years behind bars if convicted of causing her miscarriage…and her three children risk losing their mother.”  See articles in the press below (scroll down).*


1. Share this page with everyone you can. Raising awareness about the truth of what’s going on is the first step.

2. The single most important thing you can do this election is VOTE! If you aren’t currently registered, here is a link to help find out how/where to register:


3. Here are some great organizations to support and contribute to in the fight to preserve the human rights of women:

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*In the press: